“Painting cultivates the eye and the soul at the same time”

What arose out of interest and curiosity has become a passion today: art. For Anna, abstract painting not only means the freedom to express herself and to present her interior life to the outside. Furthermore, painting embodies a reality that reveals the soul in the most intimate way.

Born in Kazakhstan – Alma-Ata – Anna’s family immigrated to Berlin in the late 90s. Influenced by her family of artists, Anna grew up with classical music, literature, and painting. In the course of her life, Anna first chose her career in the economic sector and worked successfully as a management consultant for several years.

As an artist, she got inspired by copying her favorite painters from Impressionisms and Expressionism, such as Claud Monet and Wassily Kandinsky. Later Anna interpreted the techniques of modern painters like Gerhard Richter, Fiona Rae and further for her own paintings.

Anna describes her art not as work or product, but more as the pursuit of the beauty of spiritual creation without moral limits. In her creations, the self-taught artist interprets colors in new compositions that give each painting a life of its own in the universe of the abstract. The colors are embedded in an interaction with forms and other materials. Her choice of the artistic object is based on both: the expediency of harmony and the necessity of it at the same time. The end result is a powerful reflection of her soul life, inviting every visitor to a journey of inspiration.

After the first success with her paints, Anna decided to organize her first exhibition titled “Fragments of Art”. She presents her work to a broad audience for the first time in Berlin.